KISOBOKA! Standard

KISOBOKA! Standard

You can systematically construct any house design of your choice and scope in steady and manageable phases.

This construction package is ideal for prospective home owners and property developers. With this product, you get to systematically construct any house design of your choice and at a pace of your choosing in steady and manageable phases.

Thanks to our robust work methodology, these construction phases are scheduled with the client's financial realities in mind, including their building wishes and desires.

This ensures that work on-site is progressive and meets expected design standards, making this the most affordable way to build a great house!


Our construction procedures ensure that all buildings we construct live to their expected design life spans such as 40, 80 or 100 year design periods. And as a standard measure, all of our project contracts come with a 4-months defect liability guarantee during which time, all defects on the building are made right at our cost.

As in all our dealings, our goal is to give every customer a hassle free construction experience. Therefore construction sites under our management are supervised well and typically experience no theft of construction materials, our promise to each customer is enforced through a signed contract, and we give status reports on progress made which helps our customers stay in charge of their construction project.

Working around the mantra Your Dream, Our Vision ensures that we deliver our services to the at most satisfaction of our customers even when their wishes and desires may be so varied.

Key Benefits

  • Peace of mind
  • Build in manageable phases
  • Affordable standardized construction
KISOBOKA! Standard