For a professional turn-key type project, KISOBOKA! Premium is your reliable construction partner on that dream building project- domestic or commercial.

This construction package is ideal for prospective property developers and those investing in real estates and are in search for a professional service for their real estates developement project!

Kisoboka Premium is available on both a full or labour-based contract basis at very competive bulding rates.

With our ever growing building construction systems, this package will deliver works to contract specification both in materials and workmanship. This package brings convinience to the contruction process without compromising on the work done.


With Kisoboka Premium, we Let the Building do more of the talking there by giving each premium customer their money is worth in design, quality and workmanship.

Construction sites under our management are well supervised and typically experience no theft of construction materials, or malpractices common to many home construction sites. Our promise to commit is enforced through a signed contract, and we give status reports on progress made which help our premium customers stay in charge of their construction project.

Through a deliberate process, we identify each premium customer's wishes and desires for their building project and use these to benchmark our progress ensuring that we have their best interest at heart. In the end, all the work done on the project is a mirror reflection of what the customer required which makes this product package unique.

Key Benefits

  • Manageable payment plan
  • Hustle free construction
  • Transparent dealings
  • Conveniently set construction phases
  • Dedicated building team
  • Value for money
  • Peace of mind
  • Personal touch